Building Expansion

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does the Library need to expand?
    1. We need to double our space for children’s programs.
    2. The community needs several small meeting rooms.
    3. We need space for our local history and genealogy.
    4. We need staff work space
    5. We need a little more space for books.
  2. Do you have the space to expand?
    1. Yes, we own adjacent properties that will allow us to expand.
  3. In which direction will the expansion go?
    1. Toward the east.
  4. How soon will construction begin?
    1. It depends on how successful our fundraising goes.
    2. These kinds of projects can take several years.
  5. How did the public have a voice in the planning of the project?
    1. We invited a wide range of people to participate as members of the Building Committee.
    2. We consult with the Library Foundation about the building project.
    3. Two City department heads have volunteered to be part of the Building Committee.
    4.  We are conducting a survey to ask patrons what they think we need
  6. How can I get regular updates about the progress of the project?
    1. Once the negotiations with the architects are complete, regular updates will be provided on the Library website and in the local news media.
  7. Will this project affect local taxes?
    1. We believe that the money can be raised through fundraising.
  8. Will original Carnegie building be altered?
    1. The east side of the building may need to be altered to attach the expansion.
  9. Who uses Rhinelander District Library now?
    1. Rhinelander:  42%
    2. Newbold:  12%
    3. Pelican:  12%
    4. Pine Lake:  10%
    5. Crescent:  8%
    6. Other towns:  19%